A New Day

of course boredom walked me here. ennui. that giant hole. the elusive groove. i laugh a lot and smile and it is real. joy is my salvation. i find the absurd in most everything. myself included. lately i have been working in sales. which is what we all do. some of us accept an hourly wage for our sales, but the rock stars decide to float our stock. others settle on a fixed priced for their efforts….but no matter what you do, it is sales.

i glide. in a pattern indiscernible and glad. i realize that my fellows strength is my strength. my heart is nourished by madness. the madness that hovers just below.

my stroll is smart. because deep in my soul i have always intuitively known that your dance is my dance.  your dreams are mine. your pain, i too have surrendered to that memory of loss. the love that wasn’t. the dream that hoped  sacrosanct in it’s inviolability but left us confused.

there simply was no other way.

but we limp here.

broken and alive, our wounds our joys fester alike.

Voyeurs, hungry for ecumenical proof, climb their own disaster. But not I.

do not be dragged down my brothers and sisters. for God is in every living thing. animate and inanimate. find the joy of a child in your actions…and you will access genius. God lives in the broken cracks, as well as the flower.


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